shakespeare's sonnets

medial translation

there are uncountable aproaches to the treasures of shakespeare's sonnets. working with literatary material of this dimension i wanted to translate rather then interprete the lines into a new medial concept.

i left the order of all lines untouched. the principle of the perfrmance is a cronological reading starting from a random point within the material.

the dialog form

most of todays writing takes place in electronic and online media. a today's william s. could be a writer in a chat system writing fantastic poems and getting an echo from an unknown and remote side.

the sonnets are transformed into a dialog of an online conversation. the art of expression is a very temporary one. lines of beautiful language disppeare into the electronic void. history becomes a questions of minutes rather than centuries.

the structure

don't wait for an end. there is none. eSonnets are looped.




the eSonnets

a time-stamped live-chat

while working at this project i found out that many users of my site found it too dangerous and technically too demanding to download a piece of software from a site that they did not exactly know.

the fear of buying a troyan horse is greater than curiosity. to meet the different attitudes there are now two different versions of the eSonnets:

becca&william 1.0

the most multimedial version with sound. that's why the presentation file is about 760kb. the presentation can be viewed on windows-pc and macintosh-based browsers with a shockwave plugin.


click here for the sound version.

becca&william 2.0

this is a sole html and javascript version. it has no sound. the structure of version 2 matches version 1 minus the sound.


click here for the interactive html version.


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